Children's Ministry

Every Sunday at 9:00am over 100 hundred children gather in the church building to meet for Sunday service with the older people.

Activities in the week days include: games, praise and worship, teaching, story telling and watching educative movies. Every Wednesday from 4:00pm to 7:00pm the children engage in extensive bible study and recitation in the church. we are training these children- "Approved Workmen are not Ashamed" from 2nd Timothy 2:15. This programme basically handles teaching and committing to memory scriptures. To see the way these children take the word of God to memory is a challenge to any Christian. The sunday school teaches pay attention to these kids and its amazing to see how they know them personally, by name and even to the intricate details of the families they come from.

Throughout the year some other programmes for the children include:

Trainings to equip children workers to be effective in service to God's little Angels.

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