We are a church-family committed to equipping, empowering and mobilizing all ages of people, with special emphasis on the younger generations. Uniting the wisdom of the “more experienced” with the zeal of “younger believers” allows us to grow from strength to strength. United, we will model our passion for Christ, His Church, and making a positive difference in the world.

Many pastors in Sudan have never received any kind of training. As a result, the doctrines they teach can resemble cultural beliefs more than Biblical truths. Jahim Buli is a well networked national Sudanese believer with a gift and passion to train pastors.

Finding leaders with any amount of training in this area is rare, but Jahim Buli has been discipled and trained well, so he knows what a Biblical pastoral ministry looks like.

Pastor Jahim travels across the States of South Sudan, training and teaching pastors chaplains in army and church leaders to lead their congregations by a Biblical model.


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